What is Social Culture Visa?

Social Culture Visa is a visa provide only for person who intend to study or doing training more than 30 days in Indonesia. This visa normally valid for 6 months maximum stay in Indonesia, but some Indonesian embassies in certain countries only provide 5 months maximum stay.

How to get it?

To be able to get this visa you must have Indonesia person/institution who willing to be your sponsor and provide sponsorship letter for you. This letter is one of the main documents required by the Indonesian embassy in order to apply social culture visa. You must bring all necessary documents to Indonesian Embassy and start the process there. For further information, check directly to Indonesian Embassy closest to your location.

How to get & extend it by Wisma Bahasa’s Sponsorship?

Wisma Bahasa will only provide sponsorship for students who intend to study for more than 2 months with minimum 20 sessions study per month. By provide sponsorship, mean that Wisma Bahasa guaranteed to Indonesian Government that you will only use the visa for study at Wisma Bahasa, not for other purposes. Therefore, you must understand that Wisma Bahasa has full right to reject or support you to get or to extend your visa. The steps you must follow to have sponsorship from Wisma Bahasa are:

- First, you must fill in: the enrollment form, visa sponsorship form or fill the form below, agreement letter, and pay enrolment fee and 30 sessions* study in advance.

- AFTER we receive all those documents and the payment, we will make the sponsorship letter and send it by fax to the Indonesian embassy and send to you the copy by e-mail. If you have been in Indonesia, it is possible to bring the sponsorship letter by yourself to Indonesian Embassy.

- After you received the letter you could start the process. Each embassy need different time for the process so you must aware with how long you must provide the time by checking to the embassy. This visa normally will valid for 5 to 6 months maximum stay in Indonesia. In order to have the maximum stay you must extend it. Wisma Bahasa will help you to extend it at the local immigration office. The details of the process are as follows.

a. First validity is normally valid for 60 days, but some embassies only provide 30 days. So you must check it CAREFULLY! If you wish to stay longer, you could extend your visa after the first validity. The requirements are:

– pay 20 sessions course in advance.

– the original passport and one copy of passport

– the copy of return ticket

– take a photograph and fingers print in immigration office

– pay the extension fee

b. Second, third and fourth validity is valid for 30 days, if you wish to extend it, the requirements are:

– pay 20 sessions course in advance.

– the original passport and one copy of passport

– the copy of return ticket

– pay the extension fee


* Extension fee is from Immigration Office of Yogyakarta and might be subject to change.

* 1 session is 1 hour 45 minutes

Remember those all documents and money should be submit to Wisma Bahasa 10 working days before the end date of the visa validity. If you deliver it less than 10 days, the local Immigration office will apply late charge to you. Late charge will be US$ 30.00/day

The first day you come to Wisma Bahasa you must submit your passport to our front office staff. They will note the validity of your visa. They will inform you what date you should extend your visa. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER that you have full responsibility to always remember the validity of your visa. IT IS NOT WISMA BAHASA OR STAFF’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REMEMBER YOUR VISA VALIDITY.

If Wisma Bahasa decide to support you to extend the visa and you intend to extend it, Wisma Bahasa will issue the sponsorship letter as the main document of the extension process. What documents required for this process could be read above. As the process will take more than one week, Wisma Bahasa will assist you to do the process.Please be aware that you should provide all documents 10 working days before the end of your visa validity. You must give it to Wisma Bahasa front office staffs so they can deliver it to local immigration office.

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