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Archive for Month: February 2009

Dandruff, Djarum & Desire

If TV advertising were the only glimpse of Indonesian society that an interested onlooker ever had, it would certainly create a strange impression.

Someone working or studying in Yogyakarta these days has 16 commercial TV channels to choose from*. And, of course, the raison d’etre for every one of these channels is to carry advertising. This fact is brutally obvious when we see how TV ads are allowed to disrupt the entertainment on offer.

A blockbuster film, for instance, might typically be presented in short 5 to 10 minute segments, broken up by ad

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Dust From The Graveyard

I was washing my feet with a bucket of water from the well when I noticed that the door to the sprawling, deserted house was ajar.

A few minutes earlier we had been inspecting the grave of the man who’d lived there. Continue Reading…