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Elit atau Elite

Recently, it is common to use the word elite in a conversation or in an article. The pronunciation of this word are vary. Some say “elit”, while others say “elite”. So, which one is correct?

The word elite derives from a Latin word eligere, which means “to choose”. In bahasa Indonesia, the word elite, means “best personnel or selected people in one group” or “a small group of respectful people (the patrician, the educated, etc)”. In Latin, the “e” is pronounced .

Therefore, the word elite must be pronounced “elite”, instead of “elit”. So does the word bonafide, it must be pronounced “bonafide”, instead of “bonafid”. The word facsimile must be pronounced “facsimile”, instead of “faksimil”, “feksimil”, or “feksemail”. (Source: Pusat Bahasa)

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