Wisma Bahasa offers two regular excellent language and cultural programs. All three of them can help you in need of learning a language for daily speaking, traveling, studying/researching or business. Those are:

1. Indoneseian Language Course

2. Javanese Language Course

Besides that, Wisma Bahasa offers some new programs that can help you to choose one or both of them freely in accordance with your need. Those are:

1. e-Learning (Learning Indonesian Online)

2. Learning Indonesian in Jakarta

3. Immersion Program

4. Learning Indonesian in Bali

5. CCU Training

6. Indonesian for Diplomats

Field trips and cultural programs as supporting programs, to support the language programs. Wisma Bahasa also provides some field trips and cultural programs. These programs are optional.

1. Learning hours including Field Trips

2. Learning hours including Cultural Programs

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