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Cross-cultural training “Working and Living in Indonesia”

foto-silke-batikTo be able to work successfully in Indonesia and to build up trustful relationships in business and private, international professionals need competencies in communicating effectively across cultures in Indonesia. Wisma Bahasa offers a cross-cultural training course for international professionals and their families to help to build up these competencies.

In a one-day training workshop the participants will learn about:

• Living environments in Indonesia
• Building and maintaining relationships – in business and private life
• Communicating successfully with or without words
• How to conduct discussions or negotiations in Indonesia?
• How to manage conflicts in office and business life?
• Saving face in Indonesian (business) society
• Leadership and understanding of employment
• Motivation and engagement of Indonesian employees
• How to schedule projects and deal with the Indonesian concept of time?

This workshop can be split into 2 half-day sessions.
Languages: English, German

For this course, Wisma Bahasa cooperates with a well-experienced trainer: Silke Irmscher is a certified Intercultural Trainer and Psychologist and has lived for more than 15 years in Indonesia. She is passionate about supporting ex-pat professionals to better understand Indonesian culture and to communicate and act appropriately and securely in a variety of Indonesian settings. More details please contact to:

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