Ms. Sumana Brahman

Wisma Bahasa is fantastic. All staff-including teachers, admin staff, drivers, etc, are increasingly friendly. Excellent in their support and very well organized. They really all have a teacher focus-which is so wonderful and a true welcome to work with and observe. Thank you Wisma Bahasa we are preserve with learning Bahasa Indonesia. Sumana Brahman

Mr. Graeme Gillespie

This was been an extremely constructive and positive learning experience for me. I will come back and I will be recommending WB to others. Thank you all. Graeme Gillespie  

Ms. Serena Muller

Perfect place to feel at hence after just some days. Place to meet interesting people from all of the world … nice people, nice teachers, nice staff, one of the best food I’ve ever eates… I felt at home!! Thank you for those days! (I’ll recommence you to all my friends that want to learn […]

Mr. Ben William

Sudah sempurna. Teachers skills compilented each other to providea balanced and blended curriculum delivery. The environment was comfortable for absorsing new knowledge Recommend no changes, but instead suggest WB remain committed to current style and method. I plan to return for further study in future. Ben William  

Ms. Ruth Pitt

I felt that my Indonesian really improved at Wisma Bahasa (WB). Very happy with self-study materials. They really helped. I loved the fieldtrip and wish I had time to do more. Would be good to have more group activities arranged by WB like the ‘desa’ fieldtrip I attended. Ruth Pitt

Ms. Hollin Dickerson

Terimakasih banyak atas segala bantuan. Tiga minggu yang lalu saya tidak bisa membaca apa-apa, apalagi menulis atau berbicara. Sekarang saya merasa lebih yakin dan lebih dipersiapkan untuk pekerjaan saya. Hal yang paling penting, saya suka sekali Bahasa Indonesia dan saya mau berbicara selancar-lancarnya. Saya akan rindu Wisma Bahasa. Ms. Hollin Dickerson – The Asia Foundation

Ms. Marie Weikhard

I like it very much to study at Wisma Bahasa, because Wisma Bahasa is always very flexible and designs the classes specifically after the learner’s requests. Marie Weikhard – Freiburg University

Ms. Miranda Morgan

I found the teaching materials particularly helpful, and the school’s overall style conductive so learning bahasa Indonesia quickly. (Miranda Morgan – Individual. Period: November 25 – December 19, 2008)  

Ms. Katheryn Bennet

The week I have spent at WB has been extremely enjoyable and valuable. It was a very positive learning environment and lots of fun. (Katheryn Bennet – AUSAID. Period: December 27, 2008 – January 3, 2009)