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Visitation from JCC

jccLast week, on Friday, 8 May 2009, a group of JCC (Jakarta Communication Club) visited Wisma Bahasa. JCC is a club for people who are interested in learning Japanese in Jakarta, Indonesia. This visitation is for comparison study. This group consists of 15 people. They were staff, teachers, and administration staff.

At 10.00, the group was welcomed in Puri Artha Hotel by Wisma Bahasa staff. There, Wisma Bahasa presented the company profile of Wisma Bahasa which was presented by the Director, Agus Soehardjono.

After finishing presentation and discussion, the group visited Wisma Bahasa building to look around Wisma Bahasa, the process of teaching and learning in the classes, and the materials produced by Wisma Bahasa.
Then, before the group continued the trip to Borobudur temple, we took picture together in front of Wisma Bahasa building. We hope this visitation can help each other as a language course.

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