This program is almost the same with Indonesian Language Course in Wisma Bahasa Yogyakarta. The differences are the course fee and the teacher will come to your place.



All courses are conducted in sessions, from Session 1 to Session 5 (08.00 -19.00) from Monday to Saturday. As you wish, you can combine alternate sessions:

* Session 1 (08.00 – 9.30)

* Session 2 (10.30 – 12.00)

* Session 3 (13.00 – 14.30)

* Session 4 (15.00 – 16.30)

* Session 5 (17.30 – 19.00)

Courses start on any day. Therefore, please advise us as to which dates you would like to enroll on, at least one week beforehand. As Wisma Bahasa offers flexible programs, you can also choose your preferred topics or focus, and your daily schedule.



The following is the costs for the language training in Jakarta

Enrollment fee: US$ 10.00/person

Tuition Fee:

Individual class          US$ 40.00/session

2 students in one class * US$ 60.00/session

3 students in one class * US$ 75.00/session

4 students in one class * US$ 80.00/session

Note: * Wisma Bahasa does not provide classmate(s). All courses are conduct in sessions and payment based on sessions



Any class cancellation shall be notified no later than one (1) day prior to class commencement. Otherwise, one is subject to 50% of charge. Exception will be given to those who are engaged in emergency situation such as being sick or involved in an accident. For more details about terms and conditions please click HERE



Please transfer a full amount or cash, either in IDR, US$, Euro, Pounds, etc. into the following account:

Gregorius Haryana / Wisma Bahasa

A/C. 003 – 043 – 4931

PT. Bank Negara Indonesia

Jl. Adisucipto 137, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Phone: +62 274 582815

Please send us a copy of the telegraphic transfer.

or by PayPal; Wisma Bahasa PayPal account:


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