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Wisma Bahasa’s teaching staff is composed of graduates of some universities and institutions in Indonesia. We possess different educational backgrounds: language and language teaching (English, Indonesian, Javanese, Japanese, French, Germany), Indonesian and English literature, anthropology, archaeology, history, politics, and economics. We also present a cross-section of cultural backgrounds (Javanese, Sundanese, Maduranese, Timorese, etc.). The teaching staff receive rigorous pre-service training and hold regular weekly training sessions and workshops.

There will be more than one teacher for one class, at least two teachers and the maximum is five teachers. Beside to avoid boredom, the learners get used to various personal speaking styles and cultural background as stated above. With a composition of teachers, we call it, teaching in one class, we choose one of them as a teacher coordinator. He/she is one of the important aspects for the success of the teaching and learning activities in his/her composition. He/she is responsible to coordinate his/her composition, to arrange a syllabus/lesson plan and to monitor the learners progress in order to get the class well run and on track. Learners can communicate any problems or requests to the teacher coordinator. Besides, all teachers make a written report after teaching to guarantee that the composition can always monitor the class progress.