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The Immersion program is a package of bahasa Indonesia learning program designed for learners with beginner and intermediate level of proficiency.

This package is designed with a specific syllabus and a wide range of field trip options in Yogyakarta to enhance learners’ communication skills in bahasa Indonesia and to help them acquire information relevant to their jobs, needs, and interests by immersing themselves in a community of their choice. The packages are 5 Day Package and 10 Day Package.


Learners undertake 3 sessions a day and those are including a field trip. The class must be taken on weekdays, Monday to Friday, no class on Saturday and Sunday. Learners take maximum one field trip per day. However, students are able not to take also the field trips if they do not need one.

We provide 15 field trips categories of cultural places and number of sessions

1. Yogyakarta City Tour (1 session)
2. Borobudur Buddha Temple (3)
3. Prambanan Hindu Temple (2)
4. Kraton – Sultan Palace (1)
5. Kotagede – Silver (1)
6. Kotagede Ancient City – open only certain days (2)
7. Imogiri Nobel Cemetery – open only certain days (2)
8. Taman Sari – Water Castle (1)
9. Ratu Boko Temple (2)
10. Parangtritis Beach (2)
11. Ulen Sentalu Museum (2)
12. Affandi Museum (1)
13 Kasongan Pottery (2)
14. Gembira Loka Zoo (2)
15. Lava Tour Merapi Mountain (2)

We provide 5 places to practice the Indonesian language:

1. Traditional Market (1)
2. Warung/food stall or restaurant (1)
3. Kiosk (1)
4. Travel Agency (1)
5. Malioboro Street (1)

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Learners undertake 3 sessions a day and they cover two sessions of class activities and one session of a field trip to an institution or an expert. The classes must be taken from Monday to Friday.


We provide 11 field trips categories of institutions specializing in the following fields:

3.Conflict Resolution
10.Communication Media
11.Others (upon request)


We provide experts in the different field of expertise, such as:

1. Human Rights
3.Indonesia’s Political Sociology
4.International Relations
5.Islamic Economics
6.Papua and Poso
7.Social Development
8.Peace and Conflict Resolution of Islamic, etc.


The number of learners per class is 1 – 4 persons. There will be a special calculation and arrangements for more than 4 learners.


Individual : Rp 4.500.000

Individual : Rp 9.000.000

2 Learners: Rp 6.300.000

2 Learners: Rp 12.600.000

3 Learners: Rp 8.100.000

3 Learners: Rp 16.200.000

4 Learners: Rp 9.450.000

4 Learners: Rp 18.900.000

For the Beginner Level Program: There will be different prices apply for  Borobudur, Prambanan and Merapi field trip.

For Intermediate Level Program: The fee mentioned above is for class activities and field trips to institutions. There will be an additional fee of Rp 945.000/expert charged for a field trip to visit an expert in a particular field.


  1. There is no discount.
  2. In case the payment is made in US dollars, the money should be issued no earlier than the year 2001.
  3. In case the payment is made by telegraphic transfer, please send us a copy of the telegraphic transfer.
  4. There is no additional administration fee for payment using Credit Cards.
  5. There is no refund for cancellation.
  6. Both the Learners and Wisma Bahasa have the right to terminate the Services Agreement for any reason whatsoever, including ceasing services that are already underway. If the Wisma Bahasa terminates the provision of its service it will make a 100% refund on the remaining sessions. No refunds shall be offered to the Learner if the Learner terminates the agreement, where a service is deemed to have already been provided and is, for all intents and purposes, already underway. If subsequent to the payment in advance being made, the agreement is terminated by the Learner before the services are underway, there shall be a refund of 75% for the unused services.
  7. There is no enrolment fee.
  8. Cash and Credit Card payment can be made from Monday to Friday during working hours (08.00 – 16.00) only

For more information please feel free to contact us:

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