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Bahasa Indonesia for Diplomats Program

To respond high demand from Diplomatic learners, Wisma Bahasa is now offering Indonesian language program for specific purpose:  The Bahasa Indonesia for Diplomat Program.

The Bahasa Indonesia for Diplomat program is designed for the foreign diplomats who worked and lived in Indonesia. Syllabus of curriculum was developed to response the increasing ability to speak Indonesian related to diplomatic fields of work: representing, promoting, reporting, negotiating and coordinating.

The teaching methods is based on the communications approach that emphasizes the use of language in accordance with a communication language function. The learning process is directed so that learners are able to produce the language correctly.

The learning models are developed in variety of activities such as a discussion, telephoning calls, presentations, role play and simulation, and assignments. And as of practices, assignment as FT (field trip) with a variety of topics and issues to cultural places, tourism and social, as well FT for specialized fields to government institutions, political institutions, study centers of university, NGOs, and many other.

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