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Enjoy your new duties Pak Moazzam!

DSC_8414The management and staff at Wisma Bahasa would like to express their sincere congratulations to H.E. Moazzam Malik on his appointment as the British Ambassador to Indonesia as of October 2014.

In June of this year, prior to taking up his position in Jakarta, Pak Moazzam studied Indonesian for one month at Wisma Bahasa.

Throughout his study Pak Moazzam participated in many discussions on various topics including society, culture, religion, economics and education. All of Pak Moazzam’s teachers were impressed with his enthusiasm to learn as well as his warmth and friendliness.

Enjoy your new duties Pak! Don’t forget to practice Indonesian and you have any difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact your teachers. If you intend to take a holiday, please come back to Jogja and visit us here at Wisma Bahasa.

Through Pak Moazzam we hope that the relationship between Britain and Indonesia continues to grow.

 If there’s a well in the field we can bathe.

If we have a long life we can meet again

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