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Allahu Akbar vs Serbu

Last Friday afternoon, Wisma Bahasa teachers and students had a dialog and discussion about Islam, led by KH Abdul Muhaimin. KH Muhaimin is an activist as well as a founder of FPUB, forum of interfaith. In that occasion, all participants can express their thoughts and opinion, as well as asking questions about Islam and understanding Islamic teaching. It was interesting when there was a question about jihad. “What is the true meaning of jihad and how is jihad in the most simple way?” Probably this is also any other person’s question, especially for those who do not understand what jihad truly means. KH Muhaimin said that there was one person asked him, “What is the difference between Allahu Akbar and serbu?” That question surely replied by laughter from anyone who speaks bahasa Indonesia. Why not? The word Allahu Akbar means The Great Allah. That word usually said before we pray or do something. Whereas, serbu means attack! The question is, why does such question appear? Probably, because of some people who often take an anarchy action on behalf of Islam, say Allahu Akbar before they start to take an action. So that people who had seen such action, think that the word Allahu Akbar is a word to give an attack order. Of course these are all incorrect understanding. According to KH Muhaimin, the word jihad based from jahaddah, which literally means truly. So, if we do our job truly, we love our husbands or wives truly, or we study truly, that is a jihad. “The biggest jihad, is fight against ourselves, which is a fight against our desires. That kind of jihad, Moslems do during the fasting,” said KH Muhaimin.

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  1. I like your articles. Can you write about the names of countries or places in Bahasa Indonesia? For example: Wina for Vienna. What’s the word for Wales in Indonesian? How do we pronounce it?

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