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Hello world! Let’s Learn bahasa Indonesia at Wisma Bahasa!

Wisma Bahasa, the leading Indonesian language course in Jogjakarta, is bahasa Indonesia or bahasa course. For the last 37 years, we provide high-quality education and training services for those who need to improve their bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language skills for occupational, migration or study purposes. We provide courses not only language, but also cultural studies, such as batik painting, traditional dancing, and cooking. The bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language course program consists of intensive and specialized courses, which will be conducted for individuals as well as groups classes.

Wisma Bahasa provides leading programs such as Indonesian language course and local language course such as Javanese language course, Tetun language course, Sundanese language course and Maduranese language course. For those who wish to have distance learning, we also provide e-learning program or learning the Indonesian language on line and also provide a class in Jakarta and Bali.

In Wisma Bahasa, you will find comfortable and fun learning atmosphere, provided by professional teachers. Supported by the hospitality of Jogjakarta and peaceful surroundings of Wisma Bahasa, make Wisma Bahasa is the perfect choice for those who need to study bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language course as comfortable and relaxing as a vacation.